To the second half of sophomore year, one day little beauty to find Cheap cartier jewelry, his face dull talking about the dormitory that rich second generation of girls, "Replica cartier jewelry know who and so? She was elected to do the meeting Accompanied by the translation, the salary of two hundred.


And she took four classes a week, every day in the bus tossing four or five hours, with a class of the price is eighty yuan.


Junior year, Cheap cartier jewelry found a NGO (non-governmental organization) to practice, occasionally heard another project team also to recruit an intern message, Cheap cartier jewelry first time to a small message to the United States, that Salary and job content.


She immediately replied to Cheap cartier jewelry, "the salary is really too low, not as good as Cheap cartier jewelry leaflet income, or forget it."


After the Cheap cartier jewelry are more and more busy, near graduation to hear other people mention, said she did not work well when the job. When she finally sat in the corner, with a look of anger and can not be reconciled, after dinner Cheap cartier jewelry who sat in the stadium to chat, she finally could not help, Ask a while and ask Cheap cartier jewelry:


"Cheap cartier jewelry is harder and harder than they are, and what can be done with it ?Cheap cartier jewelry has been fighting for four years, and in the end is a big difference from others.


She can earn two thousand dollars from the beginning of the big one, but to the senior, when others can earn four or five thousand times a month when she was the two thousand.


Those one after another two thousand by her wearing on the body, painted on the face, pulled in the arm, but never really invested in their own.


She did not have any certificate, no beautiful transcripts, did not go to any business internship experience, like an expensive empty box, in the graduation season before the wind hit, early was blown no trace.


Cheap cartier jewelry would like to ask if she had regret, but eventually facing her tears, or did not ask the export.


That is the first time Cheap cartier jewelry felt that the difference between people and people may not be simply because of family or hard work or not, the most important thing is, Replica cartier jewelry how to look at "investment in their own" this concept The


Cheap cartier jewelry all want a little better, more upscale clothing and cosmetics, newer mobile phones and computers, not just for vanity, but also because those who have to make Cheap cartier jewelry in the moment feel: Cheap cartier jewelry We finally entered the stage of their own progress.


But the irony is that the threshold to enter a class, often not what Replica cartier jewelry has, but is what Replica cartier jewelry can create.


Only Replica cartier jewelry created something, is Replica cartier jewelry's name.


Replica cartier jewelry will arm their own face, or try to fill their own son? And Replica cartier jewelry every choice, will be in the passage of time to shape Replica cartier jewelry.


See excellent people, learn from them, look for opportunities to cooperate, maximize their investment, make full use of resources around the broaden their horizons, learn more skills, you can more flexible treatment has been helpless, this is to Replica cartier jewelry emboldened, but also to the Replica cartier jewelry free process.


Replica cartier jewelry is worth everything, but maybe not now.


Replica cartier jewelry has been struggling for eighteen years, why hurry to drink coffee with others?


Replica cartier jewelry, but will sit with them in the future with a cruise ship ah.


Take their own way, do not stop, do not worry.